[Watch face] This is just a remake but with a nice retro feel

any comments or suggestions appreciated



Love the Battery Meter and the cogs animation is outstanding, great job Dazza :clap:

You’ve sure been busy @dazstacey! Incredible work. You somehow combine a talent for graphical art with mathematical expressions, which is not common.

One of my all time favorite watches! You’ve done a nice job with it. I made a replica of every version they produced (that I’m aware of) , I think 7 of them, in another platform when I used to make replicas before coming to Facer. The original Tempograph too :slight_smile: cheers!

Nice pls give wooden theme for every thing

Nice, but the night version is horrible, no details, no style …

Molto dettagliato e grafica curata. Personalmente aumenterei la velocità del tourbillon e darei il movimento tipico degli orologi meccanici agli ingranaggi ed alla lancetta dei secondi. Controlla anche la leggibilità perché il maggior difetto dei display amoled è la visibilità al sole.

Point taken thanks i will check it out in the sun to see if the contrast needs changing