[Watch Face] This is one for the big boys

Hi guys here is my latest mad design i have been thinking of doing this for quite some time any comments or suggestions are welcome as always


:clap::clap::clap:. Fantastic!


Excuse my language please, but that’s f’kin’ amazing :smiley: Absolutely fantastic job done there Daz mate, well done :1st_place_medal: :trophy:

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Thank you both i am very happy with how this has come out

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That Billboard at the back gets me every time, it’s an amazing feat you’ve pulled off there mate

I loaded it into my H1 where it looks even better than here in the preview, but sadly the 5 yr old tech in this watch can’t handle the face. It’s not crashing, just very choppy, slow animation. Looks smooth on the ticwatch pro3 though.

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This looks reeallyyy nice :+1:

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