Watch face transfer

New to Facer (and Galaxy Watch). Newbe question - How do I get faces onto my watch? Thanks

First of all, you have to have Facer app on your phone that its synced with your watch and the Facer app in your watch.
In Facer App on the phone, choose the watchface and you’ll see a preview. There you have the option to comment, favorite (heart) and sync (blue arrow if its free and yellow shopcar if its premium). Push sync and youre done.
In the web, the same blue or yellow buttons, but sometimes it doesn´t work at first push, so be patient.
Welcome to this great family!

Make sure you go to the samsung app store and search facer. I believe the galaxy watch is tizen so you need the facer companion app. After that go to your watch face settings on your watch and select facer. From there whatever gave you choose in the app or on the web browser should sync.

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