[Watch Face] Wedgy

This one I’ve made a bit yesterday, and a bit during breaks at work today when nothing was breaking. Reused a piece from previous watch face because why do it all from scratch :wink:

Is the seconds disc readable enough, or should I rather go back to graphical software and redo it using different font? All feedback is welcome =) and I still haven’t publish it in case some rework is needed :smiley:


seconds disc looks good to me

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Seconds look fine to me. At the end of the day all anyone ever looks at seconds for is to see that the watch is still running and not frozen. :grin:

It looks good. I would play a bit with shade of the grey for minutes and seconds to make them slightly lighter.

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Hahahaha Samsung moments

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I am always surprised how bright stuff is on my watch when I sync it. Especially at night. As MAG says I look at seconds to check the watch has not crashed : )

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@akar.zaephyrМне очень нравится твой стиль идей, а также твой стиль программирования … :100: :+1:
Очень классная работа
Я поздравляю вас !!! :wink:
Очень хорошие погодные снимки! и секунды !!!

Thank you for your responses, Everyone! =)

Yeah, true, haha!

Done so, indeed, seems better now =) Hopefully :smiley:

Same here, that’s why all my faces take advantage of the OLED’s blackhole black :wink:
That and the fact that the LCD display in my Ticwatch can be seen on light backgrounds which makes the screen look like it’s smeared with fat… What watch do you use by the way?

Спасибо! That’s as far as I can pretend to speak Russian, haha! Thank you for your kind words, friend :slight_smile:


Very nice! If your seconds image is a PNG, you can sometimes duplicate the layer and it will get brighter.


I would have one more suggestion to consider, maybe you can see what I mean.

The only thing I can see different is the degree sign ° - if so, that’s added. It is more self-explanatory now and the text itself seems to be filling space better as an added bonus. Did I get it right? :slight_smile:

Yes, that too, and I tried to add more contrast to the edges of wedge, apparently not successfuly :slight_smile:

Pardon me, it was successful, I just have my monitor in night mode so dark grays and blacks look all identical :smiley: You are right though, this brings some detail that was originally missing so I’ve added the lighter edge :slight_smile: I wanted to leave the wedge black so the shadow wouldn’t even be visible and I’ve skipped it but thank you for the lesson, I’ll remember to try and add some small details like this to increase the quality!


I think it all looks good Akar, great job :+1:

another nice one with a unique approach, well done! I like the clean style.


Thank you, it means a lot coming from Professional like yourself :slight_smile:

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