[Watch Face] Window Through Time

Here’s a unique one I’ve wipped up that I haven’t seen anyone else do.

The digital clock is a window to the outside weather condition animation. The animation changes depending upon the current weather condition outside and whether it is currently daytime or nighttime. Also, the condition and temperature are written on the left side.

14 weather animations included are:
Fair weather day, fair weather night, few clouds day, few clouds night, scattered clouds day, scattered clouds night, cloudy/overcast, showers day, showers night, rain day, rain night, thunderstorm, snow day, snow night, fog. I’d like to show them all here, but I don’t think I can. Speed up the preview and it will cycle through them all.

5 Day weather condition forecast with daily high/low on the right.

Steps are on the bottom.

Battery level progress bar is on the far right. It is green above 60%, red below 30%, and yellow in between.



That’s well neat bradtc, excellent work bud :clap:

Nice one!

Thanks guys. Although I’m thinking of redoing it… I think the animations are too flashy, they need to be more subtle. Maybe still images would be better?

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Hi mate your design is very good but your animations need a little work i created this

if you want to use it you can and of course its quite eay to make changes i just put it together this morning to show how to do it.


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Thanks @dazstacey, I see what you’ve done with animating static images vs the sequences that I used. I like it and some of those animations are quite nice, when only 1 or two sliding / rotating scenes are on at once. When there are 3 or more, it also gets a bit busy/flashy. I think as I redo this, I’ll do a combination of the two techniques, just focusing on keeing it subtle & minimizing spotiness.

thats cool if i can help anytime just ask ok

Thanks guys. I updated the face using some of the animation techniques in @dazstacey’s sample above to make them less flashy & more smooth, yet bright enough so there are not so many dark spots in the time display. A couple of the already subtle animations I kept. I think it’s a little better at least, and much more useable. New version is here:

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that’s loads better mate well done.

Thanks @dazstacey! :slight_smile:

I’m curious - when you issue an update to a face, do you delete the old one after you update it? I usually just update the existing one and move on. But in this case, I kept the old one, duplicated it and made a new version. I don’t typically like having 2 versions of the same thing, but since there was an iterative progression, and for the sake of the thread, I kept the old one. Thoughts?

have anyone synced the old one yet. if not just delete and release the new one else if they have your best opening up the old one and making the changes on that

There were only 9 syncs so far, no big deal. Just deleted the old one. Thanks.

What the heck, since this face is weather related, I whipped up another version with a trend graph.

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Not bad at all, gives weather perspective for few days in advance and it’s been right up to now. Butthe only problem got is the time disappeared after two days and could get back on. Couldn’t find on facer app on phone but only in this email got other day. Apart that it’s nice watch face to have use of…

@robbyboy47 Am I to understand that the time isn’t displaying any more? Not sure how that can happen, it’s just a block font with a transparent window for the numbers. Unless the time is there over a black background because the animation behind it isn’t illuminating through for some reason…?? Facer has been buggy lately, especially on Samsung watches with the new update, mine included… Facer has admited to finding a memory leak issue. I wonder if that has something to do with it??? Have you reinstalled Facer on your watch and on your phone? Perhaps Support - FACER Community might be a good place to ask?

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