Watch face works properly in the creator and web, but not on watch

As the tittle says,

Works as intended on the creator and webpage, but its bugged in my Huawai 2 smart watch .
Any Ideas?

Can you add more details on what is broken on the watch compared to the web?


I think its just not processing the functions the same way as on the web

Thanks! Can you provide a link to this face? We’ll look into the expressions used and see if we find any issue.

I assume it’s this one? dabjulmaros - Word Watch Simple B/W - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
It seems to work okay on our Huawei 2 running the latest version of Facer:

Yes and no, sorry for the late reply. I delated the broken watchface. Thats the watch face version 2 after I bruteforce the solution a little bit.
I think the issue is that I was using something like $#Dh#==10&&#Dm#<30?100:#Dh#==9&&#Dm#>=30?100:20$ for each of the text layers that need to be set to 100% or 20% opacity.
My guess is that the browser can handle that amount of if staments but the app cant.
My fix was to duplicate the layer and have $#Dh#==10&&#Dm#<30?100:0$ in one layer and $#Dh#==9&&#Dm#>=30?100:20$ in the other.
I will take the time and brake a duplicate face so you guys can have a look at it. I will post here again as soon as is done.