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[Watch Faces] 4 new ones

It’s been a while since I published anything new here or spent much time in the community as I’ve been swamped at work. But I’ve managed to squeeze in some time for some new faces. Here’s what I’ve worked on recently:

Window Multi-View:
The digital clock Hours digits are a window to the outside weather condition animation. The animation changes depending upon the condition and whether it is currently day or night. Also, the condition and temperature are written on the left side. Minutes are an orbiting lens where the minute hand would typically be at.

16 weather animations included are:
Fair weather day, fair weather night, few clouds day, few clouds night, scattered clouds day, scattered clouds night, cloudy/overcast day, cloudy/overcast night, showers day, showers night, rain day, rain night, thunderstorm, snow day, snow night, fog day, fog night.

Tilt the watch 4 degrees to switch between:
1: Weather condition/Steps/Date
2: 5 Day weather condition forecast with daily high/low trend graph.

Battery level progress bar is on the far right. It is green above 60%, red below 30%, and yellow in between.

12/24 hour compatible

Tilted View:
design-screenshot (26)
Regular View:

Dual Earth Multi-View:
TOP Earth View:
-The globe accurately rotates to your location on earth and places the red circle to your location (+/-800km). You can watch the dark side shadow cascade across the globe relative to the sun’s location. As the day passes, the dark side’s shadow shifts every hour. In the morning, you can see the shadow retreat as daylight approaches your location. At noon, the earth is fully illuminated. At midnight the globe is fully engulfed in it’s own shadow.
-Seasonal changes are implemented once a month, as the earth rotates around the sun. The solar plane graphically changes depending upon the location of the earth in the solar orbit due to the axial tilt of 23.5 degrees. The solar plane is represented by the yelow line, and you can see the seasonal changes to the shadow angle as it cascades acrross the earth daily.

Bottom Earth View :
-A view of the Earth’s northern hemisphere looking down from the north pole, with your longitudinal location shown with the red line projecting from the Centre. Your latitudinal location is shown with the red circle. The shadow at the bottom and sunlit parts of the earth are accurately illustrated, along with the sunrise time (in yellow text with a triangle at the equator) and the sunset time (in orange with a triangle at the equator) are also accurately illustrated.

-Current weather condition, and temperature at top right, day/night aware.

-MULTI-VIEW! Tilt your watch 4 degrees and get 4 day forecast of weather condition & high/low temperature graph on right side.

-Watch battery level graphat bottom. Graph will be red below 35%, green above 60%, and yellow in between.

-current moon phase bottom right, along with moon age.

-Date in between the views of earth

Tilted View:
design-screenshot (27)
Regular View:

Jet Engine:

Fishing & Tide Clock (WearOS Only):
Important: Must Calllibrate!! Not for Tizen!!
To callibrate, google up the high tide time for your area, then Sync the watch face at exactly the high tide time.

From then on, the average tides will be shown, and the best time to fish will be shown. Best time to fish is when the high tide is coming in and the oxygenation in the water is higher, and the fish are coming in with the tide to eat at the recently exposed surface.

It is possible that over a few months time it can become uncallibrated. Simply re-callibrate it by re-installing the face at the exact time of high tide.

Also shown is the daily sunrise, sunset, moon phase & weather conditions. Battery level is graphed below the tidal wave.

Note, if you use this on Tizen, generally the time will show, but the tides and fishing times will not callibrate!! This is a DSYNC issue.


Nice bit of work there Brad mate, you just know that I like the Jet Engine one best though :grin:


Oh I knew you would! I made it just for you. You need to get another smartwatch already…


Ha ha, tell me about it mate, serious lack of funds though unfortunately :confused:


Fantastic Work Brad. I like your multi View. Respect for all the work on the Masks and weather Images.

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