[Watch Faces] Bold Matrix + Rotating Trends 2 + Modern Daylight Earthshade

Bold Matrix

Bold matrix font tells the time over a shimmering background. The middle black bar shows additional information including:
-Date (in green)
-Steps (in blue)
-3 day condition forecast with daily highs/lows
-battery level


Rotating Trends 2

-Actively rotating disks for Minutes, & Seconds line up with the red line in the window.
-Since I used expressions rather than images to place the numbers on the dials, I was able to implement a unique digital zoom for mintues and seconds digits.
-Current Weather Condition, which is day/night aware is bottom left, with current temperature.
-Watch battery level dial window is on the left. Green if level is above 60%. Yellow if level is between 30 and 60%. Red if level is below 30%. Colour coded digital readout.
-Steps dial window is on the right. Red if amount walked is less than 3000 steps. Green if amount walked is over 6000 steps. Yellow in the middle. Progress from left to right. Colour coded digital readout to nearest 0.1k steps.
-Daily weather forecast condition icons are on the bottom of the screen, along with the weather staiton location. Daily high/low temperatures are graphed above the forecast icons, to show the temperature trends.
-Current moon phase is on the bottom right.
-Date is below the time in green.
-OLED, AOD mode, 12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.

Note: There is a bug in the android phone preview where the black background layer doesn’t properly show. It works fine on the watch and in the web browser preview.


Modern Daylight Earthshade

There are a few unique features of this watch face.

  1. The current daytime weather condition rises on the right side of the screen at dawn. During the day it makes its way to the top centre at peak noon . By dusk the sun dips on the left side of the screen into dark. The current weather condition then changes to a night time condition in the black of night and by midnight, it is at the bottom centre before starts to rise to the right. Repeat.
  2. The Earth is in the middle of the screen, rotates such that your location is towards you, and your longitude/latitude crosshair lines are shown in red, with an accuracy within the circle. At high noon, the earth is in full daylight. At midnight, the earth is in full darkness. As the day progresses, and on an hourly basis, the earth shadow cascades accross the earth, and then recedes, depending upon the time of day. Your location will accurately be shown in shadow or daylight.
  3. The Earth in the middle of the screen is accurately tilted by 23.5 degrees to the solar plane. As seasons change you will see the yellow line in the middle of the earth represending the solar plan shift on a monthly basis to reflect the location of the earth in the orbital plan, relative to the 23.5 degree tilt, relative to the solar plane.
  4. The hours of daylight and night time are reflected in the pie graph around the earth. The top of the pie in light blue during the daytime, reflects the amount of daylight hours of a 24 hour clock, with 0 and 24 at the top, 12 at the bottom. This light blue area turns dark blue at night time. The sunrise hour is on the right indicated in yellow. The sunset hour is on the left indicated in grey. A red line and the current weather condition are at the current time of the 24 hour clock.

The current moon phase is on the bottom. Below that is a battery level indicator, which is a progress bar that is green when the battery is above 60%, red below 30% and yellow in between.

Current temperature is on the top left. Current location is at the top centre. Moon phase are at the bottom. A watch battery level scale just below the moon. When the watch is below 30% it is red, above 60% it is green, and yellow in between.

24 hour or 12 hour mode compatible. Imperial or metric compatible. Regular or AOD mode compatible.


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Wow, that’s a lot of work you’ve done there, well done bradtc, great end result :+1:

Much appreciated @icrltd4 !

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I updated the second one (Rotating Trends 2) to include actual dynamic minutes and seconds for the digital zoom. Only possible with expressions for dials instead of images.

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Definitely works Brad, nice work mate :+1:

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