[Watch Faces] CME Event + Cartoon

CME Event

I thought a Coronal Mass Ejection event would make a nice watch face, so here it is. It’s clean, yet modern and informative. The hour in a big bold font in the middle. The minutes are displayed within a circle at the traditional analogue clock location. The minute circle orbits the hour circle once per hour. The seconds are displayed in a wheel at the end of an electrical arc emitting out of from behind the hour, at the traditional seconds location of an analogue clock.

Date is in a window to the left, with moon phase. Steps are in a window to the right.

Current weather condition, day/night aware, is at the top. 3 Day weather forecast condition with daily high/low temperatures is at the bottom.

Battery level meter is at the bottom below the weather. Red below 30%. Green above 60%. Yellow in between.

12 hour and 24 hour mode compatible.


I was asked to do a cartoon themed watch face.

-Watch battery level meter is on the bottom. Green if level is above 60%. Yellow if level is between 30 and 60%. Red if level is below 30%. Colour coded digital readout.
-Steps meter is on the top right. Red if amount walked is less than 3000 steps. Green if amount walked is over 6000 steps. Yellow in the middle. Progress from left to right. Colour coded digital readout to nearest 0.1k steps.
-Daily weather forecast condition icons are left side of the screen, along with the weather station location. Daily high/low temperatures are graphed below the forecast icons, to show the temperature trends.
-Current moon phase is on the bottom.
-Date is above theweather graph.
-OLED, AOD mode, 12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.


Nice designs my friend (I love the Cartoony look of second one), and that rotating Seconds ring in the first one definitely identifies it as yours, you should get it copyrighted lol Great work :clap:

Nice ideas!
The first one needs the layer order corrected on the seconds wheel though:


Well, I kinda put the real time seconds on the top layer, and the wheel on a lower layer, on purpose. This way the entire second wheel doesn’t go on top of the weather forecast icons, yet you can still see the seconds. Same thing happens on the other 4 quadrants. But I’ll admit, it looks weird eh?

Do you think putting the real time seconds on a lower layer and the general location of the wheel is good enough? Probably eh?

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Good enough? I think it’s spot on mate, nicely done :+1:
(P.S. I just got my first Christmas Face saved for later Publishing :grin:)

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yeah, now it feels like a mistake, not intentional. The seconds aren’t that important to stay on top, so having them on the same depth as the wheel would look more natural.
Also, when it passes the minutes, it gets even more confusing :stuck_out_tongue::

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Thanks for your input guys. I’ve updated the face with the seconds layer moved to the back with the rest of the wheel. I think your input helped clean it up. Much appreciated!

Now I think I’ve got some old faces that may be affected in the same way. I’ll have to get to tweeking those too eventually.

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that does look much cleaner!

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