Watch Faces disappears after publish

I’ve built a face twice and went to publish it, but it completely disappears and I have to build again. Twice now it’s happened for the same face. Am I doing something wrong?

Check your mail. You should have received an email explaining the reason for removing the watch face. You have probably violated some kind of copyright. For example, the name of the watch face is the same as the name of the watch brand, or the watch face has the logo of a famous watch brand, etc.

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yes you are 100% correct. I violated a copyright. I didn’t know using an existing face as inspiration was a copyright issue, but apparently it is. All good… lesson learned. Thank you.

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If you’re wanting to make a Face that looks like someone elses current Face, then just edit it a little first, and remove anything that may be copyrighted :smiley:

Or just make your own original design. If anyone wants to make ripoffs, just don’t publish them and you wont have any issues. You can wear them yourself no problem.