Watch faces for Oppo Watch

Is it possible to support rectangular pixel layouts. Currently for Android Wear there is a limitation to round and square watch faces, but devices like the Oppo Watch have a rectangular 320x360 and 402x476 pixels. So all square watch faces don’t fill the usable area and can look odd, requiring the watch face to be rectangle by not filling the square space which makes the face look small on the watch.

Basically, can the ability to choose the default watch and/or resolution be added to support these newer watches with rectangular layouts?

The rectangular format is already supported. It depends on the developer (designer) whether they support the square format in their watch face.

As the designer of the watch face I did not see a place to choose the rectangular format. I chose the Oppo Watch as my watch and was presented a square work area. I can make it rectangular within the square work area, but then the watch face does not fill the actual watches screen.

So you want a full pixel match in the studio with a real watch screen? I do not think it is realistic to expect this. But you can write in a special wish section for the next version.

I just don’t see how a square watch face is suppose to look good on a physically rectangular watch. There should at least be the option to choose rectangular/square, or set the resolution.

I see three models of watches and your watch face looks best on Oppo model. So I think there is some adjustment to the resolution of the watch screen, but you don’t have access to it.

I did fill the width of the usable layout/work area, but maximized the height. This gave it the rectangular look, but doesn’t fill the height or width of the screen (height, because the square watch layout is 40pixels less than the watch screen. width, because I pulled in the sides to give it a rectangular shape.)

Ok :slightly_smiling_face: