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[Watch Faces] Glass Experiment

Hi Folks, I did some experimenting with some glass elements on these two samples. I’m kind of going for a look similar to a IV-18 Flourescent display under glass, but with a dot matrix font style.

So far so good. Might be some overlapping issues to work out. Anyway, they’re coming soon!


Very impressive work and look there Brad, but isn’t your Hands a little too long. I love the look of the first one :+1:


Thanks @icrltd4. Yeah it’s a bit of a balance of minutes hand length vs fitting in the text 'scattered clouds". I even had to reduce the font size for. That specific weather condition. Glad u r here. :+1::+1:


Thanks Brad, I’m only here on the App for now though, responding to email notifications lol


This looks very clean in the first one.
If you could bring up the rest of the info with a tap, this would be an awesome watchface!

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Yeah that’s a good idea. I can’t do the tap as I only use the free creator version. But maybe I can bring it up with an gyro movement. Done that b4 & it worked well.


I would have suggested that, but I am not a creator and have no clue what can be done and what is easier to do. So if a flip of the wrist would bring up the info… yup! That would be rad. :sunglasses:


I really liked @alwaysbusy4family’s suggestion to combine the 2 watch faces. Here is the result:
Glass Hands Multi-View
This face is the 3rd iteration of an experiment in glass textures and objects. New - Multi view!!!

1.Check the time and get regular clock, with current weather conditions on hands.
2. Tilt the watch a little further towards you, and you get the full 5 day forecast, with weather graph! -Current weather condition inside the glass minute & hour hands.

Here is a link to my Facebook post on this face which shows a video of the multi face tilt action working pretty good.


Honestly, wasn’t my idea. :rofl:
I thought that was the original intent. :smiling_face:

In any case, pretty nifty! :sunglasses:


Added glowing AOD mode hands all these faces per @kvansant 's instructions here. Thanks @kvansant! :beers:

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Brilliant, well done Brad, and thank you @kvansant for helping out :+1: