Watch faces gone

I created the Rolex Matte Edition and now its not on my account. It was near 1000 syncs. Also my OMEGA Dark of the Moon

Did you check your email or spam mail to see if the Facer Staff sent you a email about them?

Doesnt seem like yours would have been removed like that , due to the fact there seems to be over 90 Rolex related faces.

Very weird. I too had a couple faces disappear from my creator list but not the facer site list. And they were awesome and fixed it.

Hope you get an answer soon.

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Thank you,I did check and it mentioned Copy Rights. I mean I’m not selling the products just being creative.

I had the same issue on 5 of my faces pertaining to a product that has nothing to do with watchs. And i really dont mind them taking them down if they feel they have a need to do so. It is their (Facers) site after all.

However IF they take content down relating to ROLEX then to be fair they should take ALL of the same down. But thats just my opinion and its their site and their rules we must respect.

Mine were images that were made from free cell phone wallpaper images downloaded by millions and actually had NO infringement on the copyrights at all. I did call the company in NY that holds the copyrights on said product and they were fine with what I did as long as I didnt charge for them. But to me its not worth the time and effort to fight the decision. I respect the Facer Staff and have faith in their decisions to treat me fairly. Besides Ive got more than enough faces published…that I wont miss the others…

Copyright issues are a problem, even if you create these watch faces just for fun. Facer itself doesn´t bother that much but if the companies ask them to take them away they have to react.




And I fully agree Phantasico…but many of those companies Love the free advertisement and dont mind …again IF no one is making money off them.

As long as it has be verified that the person asking for it to be removed is in fact the copyright holder and not someone just causing probs for someone, which is very easy to verify. All this seems like alot of work IMO…so if in fact a brand has a problem , its their right to have it removed and then action to remove EVERY face pertaining to that brand and not just a certain members…am I correct in thinking this?

Reason Im asking is , In my case a few were removed (i honestly had no probs with it) I called the company’s corp office in NY and they told me it was ok to do what i was with their product logo…they also went on to tell me that NO one at their office requested my faces to be removed and also Explained that there is absolutely NO THIRD party that has rightful claims on their logos or products and has 0 rights to ask my faces to be removed. So in the long run i was in the rights. But its really not worth it to fight the issue.

I still stand by Facers judgement and decision to remove them even though I dont agree…after all it is their site and we must respect that.


I had longer reply, but realized that we are in Support so I’ll save the details for General Discussion.
@illgraphicz, it may be that even though the individual is not selling the design, Facer could be considered a commercial website. It’s the same problem with websites offering free software. Usually, there is something for sale on the site as well, so they are considered “commercial”.

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Absolutly right, @selia67.

It‘s their decision. But whoever uses copyrighted brands should know about the risk that these watch faces could be removed.

I can‘t judge anyone because in the very beginning i made some clones as well. But i made a decision not to copy brands again, because it‘s not right to do so, even if we like them very much.


So by rights in illgraphicz’s case , ALL ROLEX related faces should be removed from all members to be fair? Theres over 90 faces Rolex related at the moment.
IF not , how do they single out which Rolex faces are copyright infringement and gets removed and which ones don’t? I honestly cannot see Rolex singling out just a couple faces and not the 90 others…that would make no since. IF in fact it was Rolex that reported it? And like the corporate law office i used to work at said, it is very very rare for large companies to ever grant 3rd party rights to their logos or brands , so a 3rd party claim would be invalid. They also said IF we are accused of such, we have the legal right to address the accuser (person whom reported copyright infringement).

Im just trying to understand how this works is all. Because I do have alot published and want to fully understand such. Again I dont have problems with faces being removed. In fact i would do it myself if I understood the rules a bit better.

Do we have a list of companies that has given the ok to advertise their brands for them? I was told several other face maker sites do in fact have such a list. And a List of those that has said No would be most helpful also.

So I now am trying to steer clear also of the major brands and such in future faces i make and focusing on learning to make a bit less basic faces and take my time in doing so. FACER is so fun, I guess I sorta got carried away in the beginning with all the basic ones.

Anyways I again state that I respect Facers decision and have faith that they will treat all members fairly in their decisions. And IF any of my faces have to be removed because a verified copyright holder wishes to have it removed, I fully honor that decision.


As far as i know, the facer staff only reacts on copyright violation if they are directly adressed by the companies. That’s why you will find a lot of famous watch face copies. Since nobody asks - they stay. They only host them and are not directly responsible for the user content.

Especially premium designer are not allowed to copy brands or they can immediatly loose their status.


Seriously not trying to make waves. Just really trying to understand.

Thanks alot phantasico for your response. Clears some things up and then on the other hand confuses me even more.

IF ROLEX did in fact contact Facer, then why are there still over 90 Rolex faces still up? Why did Rolex disapprove of illgraphicz’s faces and approve the other 90+? This is what is all confusing me.

Also the few I had that was removed (again I have no prob with this) The company states that THEY never contacted Facer and actually didnt know what facer was until I called the other day. They said that it had to be someone posing as them and had NO legal right to make such requests and that Facer needs to verify such requests prior to acting. This company even went as far as to say they Liked the idea of others advertising for them.

Guess its all those years of being a private investigator at a corporate law office that keeps me confused. If the puzzle pieces dont fit then I have a very hard time understanding LOL (my hubby hates this about me ) LOL he cant get away with anything :smile:

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[quote=“selia67, post:9, topic:26092”]
Do we have a list of companies that has given the ok to advertise their brands for them? I was told several other face maker sites do in fact have such a list. And a List of those that has said No would be most helpful also.
[/quote] I have not noticed one if there is a list posted at Facer. If you want to advertise for a brand, contact the brand and ask. It may take a while because marketing and legal will need to review your request.

@selia67 have you seen this discussion in General?

Hi all,

Just to clear things up a bit:

  • If you receive an email with subject line “Facer Takedown Notice”, these come at the request of the brand itself, identifying your content on Facer as infringing and asking their immediate removal. Per the DMCA policy, you are entitled to appeal and send that brand a “counter-notice” if you feel it is a mistake. If some infringing watch faces from that brand are up on Facer, it means they either haven’t yet been flagged by the brand, or the brand decided it should stay up (for whatever reason).
  • For brands that contacted Facer directly via DMCA takedowns, we’ve very recently started putting in place automated copyright/trademark infringement detection for them. While these systems aren’t perfect, they should catch most fake watch faces at publishing time. If our system detects a likely infringement, you will typically receive an email with subject line “Facer content de-activation notice” within a few minutes of its publishing. Again, you are free to appeal if you think it’s a mistake.

Both methods above are continuously being improved and the new automated system will hopefully result in drastically less “fakes” on Facer in the very near term. We take copyright and trademark infringement very seriously - every infringement is tracked and repeated ones typically result in the designer being excluded from feature placement in a first phase, and permanently banned from Facer if the behavior continues.

Hope it helps!


Thank you…that explains alot. And is very clear. Thank you again for your response

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I’m guessing this is mainly on watch brands. I wish the detection could be on other watch face background images and .gif’s lifted from the internet as well.

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I appreciate you understanding where I was coming from.


Some of my designs are also removed (probably for copyright reasons. I dont have access to my email anymore so i cant say for sure). I made some Tissot designs that was downloaded more than 1000 times. I accept that they are removed BUT i wonder why i still get likes on these, removed designs?

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They are automatically copied to facerepo, that‘s the reason why…

What does facerepo mean? Why can some users like these designs when they are removed?