Watch faces have huge gap near the bezil

Hi All,

I had a general question or support. I have the Samsung active watch 1. And all the watch faces still have a huge gap around the watchface towards the edge of the watch.

This applies to all watchfaces I install. Is there a fix for this, if this issues resolves I will be subscribing to the paid plan.

Thank you all again

That’s very strange mmbtechtv, I hope someone comes up with a solution for you real soon :thinking:

Pretty sure that’s just the size of the screen. Most watches have the black bezel.
Same in this random wristshot I found:

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I’m not sure. When you use samsung watch faces you get a full screen

I remember the first generation galaxy active watch had thicker black area around the screen than the second generation. The actual screen is much smaller than the glass.

It’s definitely a hardware issue. I hate it! the original Huawei Watch does not have the black ring, and it seems galaxy watches don’t, though Active 2 does. But all fossil watches and their sub brands have it, Tic Watch has it, though smaller than Fossil, even the $1000 Montblancs have it. It’s awful and I don’t know why the hardware makers have not realized how much better their watches would look with a functional edge to edge display screen. So until then there’s absolutely nothing users or designers or apps like Facer can do about it. That’s why I wear my 5yr old Huawei watch more than any of the other 5 smart watches I own, it just looks so much better with the face filling the whole screen up to the watch case.


@mmbtechtv There is nothing wrong with the screen on your watch. That is how the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Active 2 is. I would know, because I have a Galaxy Watch Active. The reason they make the bezel is so that if you put your finger on the bezel and move it while still keeping your finger on the bezel, the watch will go to a different screen.

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