Watch faces i have created but not published are not syncing

Hi friends…

i am a new facer creator… Since last two days i am facing very strange issue, the watch faces i have created (but not published) are not syncing to my watch. When i click a send button below the watch face it shows “sent” and in my watch i can see a facer logo with the blue light sniping around the screen and below facer logo it shows “SYNCING” but it failed after trying for few minutes. Other facer watch faces syncing very well and even my watch faces that are published to facer are syncing very well. BUT NOT THE ONE I AM WORKING ON :frowning:

I have been noticing that issue at times also. It seems like it’s an internet issue causing it. What I do to get around it is on my cellphone enter the address of the watch face in the Chrome browser. When you try to go to that page the cellphone should open up the face in the Facer app. You can sync it from the app and it works fine. That “usually” jump starts the syncing and it will continue from Facer Creator from then on.

First of-all thanks for the reply… but internet was not the issue because other watchfaces are syncing well on the same network… then too i checked this issue on connecting to other network too but same issue arrived. And the process you suggested was also not worked for me… opening watchface address in mobiles chrome browser doesn’t redirect me to facer app instead it was opening in same browser.