[Watch Faces] Marble Madness + Circuitry Radiance

Here are a couple of new watch faces I have recently completed.

Marble Madness:

A visually dynamic watch face where many marbles are constantly moving around and dropping into place to tell the time. There is nothing else like this on Facer or the Galaxy store. Probably not in Wear or Apple stores either.

Time is shown in red text marbles , which are 10% larger than the marbles that are moving all around.

Seconds marble are constantly dropping down from stacks on the right side.

Minutes marbles drop down from stacks in the middle. The minutes ones digits are throttled by a rotating drum with a key slot. The minutes tens digits are throttled by a rising and dropping gate.

Hours ones digits marbles are throttled from a rotating drum on the left side, with a key slot. As the hours tens digits only has 1 to 3 potential digits, they are fixed to a rotaing drum.

There is so much visual motion on this watch face, I felt it not appropriate to add forecast or health items that I typically like to show on my watch faces. There is only a battery level meter at the bottom of the face. It wil be green above 60%, red below 30%, and yellow in the middle.

This face is 12 & 24 hour mode compatible. If applicable, the am/pm indicator shows up on the middle left.


  1. The android phone preview is buggy with this watch face. If you wish to adequately preview it, you must use the web browser preview. I do not know if the apple phone preview works or not. The watch face works fine on the watch.
  2. Normally, I do not leave inspection mode open, but since this face is crazy with a zillion expressions that nobody in their right mind will duplicate, I’ll leave it open for helping others to learn from.


Circuitry Radiance:

-The electrical circuits of this watch face actively shimmer radiantly as they power the watch. I’ts a trick actually, the circuit board is transperent over top of a colourfull moving background. Some of you guys have used a similar effect on your faces.
-Graph of the next 5 days temperature trends, with daily highs and lows.
-5 day trent weather condition forecast.
-Current weather condition and temperature.
-Current moon phase.
-Current weather station.
-Battery level graph at the bottom. Green for level above 60%. Red for level below 30%. Yellow for a battery level in between.

Note: Android preview doesn’t work well. You need to preview this in a web browser to properly preview it. It works great on the watch. Also, I deleted V1.0 pretty quickly, you won’t find it anywhere…


oh man, that marble face is epic! bravo!

Many thanks @kvansant, your feedback is much appreciated! That face took me way too much time to get it all working. I was initially planning to some more elaborate loops & routes for the marbles, but well, the watch is only so big…

Ha, cool face with the marbles. Got a flashback from my childhood playing Downfall: