[Watch Faces] Minimal collection

Nice range of ideas!

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Thank you, @kvansant By the way, I wanted to show that we can design a watch face even using the graphic capabilities of the creator. The most important thing is to have an idea, a concept.

Whoaaaaa… fresh look… THNX dude!

Damn @lucky.andrei you maxed the minimals!

Thanks @safesz

Thanks @ThaMattie :rofl:

what is the code the separated minutes string? I cant find it in the helper…

#DmZ# or #Dm#

OK but its not separated strings like the hours…

Here any watch face is open for inspection, you can look directly at the creator.

OK thnx

got it!!! thnx for the great ideas!!!

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Ok :smiley:


Created something on your footprints… thnx again dude!

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