[Watch Face's] Modern Daylight + Area 51 Animated Font

I recently released 2 more watch faces I’d like to share…

Modern Daylight

The unique feature of this is the current daytime weather condition rises on the right side of the screen at dawn. During the day it makes its way to to top centre at peak noon . By dusk the sun dips on the left side of the screen into dark. The current weather condition then changes to a night time condition in the black of night and by midnight, it is at the bottom centre before starts to rise to the right. Repeat.

The sunrise time is on the right side and accurately displayed in an imaginary 24 hour clock where 0 and 24 are at the bottom centre and 12 noon is at the top centre. This arrangement accurately reflects the amount of daylight hours for the day.

Hours are in the centre grey circle. Minutes orbit the hours in the green circle at the appropriate regular 12 hour clock position. Seconds progression is indicated by the green arc surrounding the hours.

Current temperature is on the top left. Current location is at the top centre. Steps and moon phase are at the bottom. A watch battery level scale just below the steps. When the watch is below 30% it is red, above 60% it is green, and yellow in between.

24 hour or 12 hour mode compatible. Imperial or metric compatible. Regular or AOD mode compatible.

Note: The android preview bug is causing weird artifacts with this face, works fine on watch and in web preview.

Area 51 Animated Font

Unique animated alien ooze font for the time. 24 hr, 12 hr, AOD mode compatible.

Current temperature with day/night aware weather condition icon on the left side. Next 5 day forecast daily high/low temperatures graphed in the middle along with forecast condition below.

Steps, heart rate and phone battery level on the right. Phone battery level is green above 60%, red below 30% and yellow in between.

Bottom edge is a watch battery level meter showing green above 60%, red below 30% and yellow in between

OLED friendly. Imperial, metric, AOD mode, 12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.

Warning: Due to the animated font, the preview in the Android App doesn’t work well. Some text doesn’t seem to show in the app. This is only a function of the preview in the android app. I am not sure about the Apple app. Web preview seems ok, most of the time but does take a long time to load. It works very well on the watch. Also, initial loading time is longer than normal.