Watch faces, my first creations

Hello everybody, I’m really proud to show you my first créations.
It’s been a little hard to make them, I’m not a math addict, so first of all, I would like to thank all your guidelines I’ve found in these topics :slight_smile: Special thanks to Tomaja … without him we would present awfull faces :wink:
Many thanks to everybody in fact… I can’t remember all of you, but you all gave me ideas to create, modify my faces during the time I should have been asleep !
(Sorry if my English is not so good sometimes, it’s not my primary language)

Please have a look on my faces, download them if you like them, that will be the best reward I could ever have !!

I’ve made replicas of very expensive watches… I’d never could afford to buy them, but at least I can wear them ! I don’t know of ther is a copyright, but if it’s the case, I’ll delete them.

Let the show begin :slight_smile:
Vacheron constantin Parcimony
----Sorry copyright… My Watch has been automatically deleted----

Tag Heuer Monaco BLUE

Tag Heuer Monaco BLACK

Jaeger Lecoultre Ultra Thin
----Sorry copyright… My Watch has been automatically deleted----

Breguet Tradition
----Sorry copyright… My Watch has been automatically deleted----

“smooth” a whole personal creation :slight_smile:

“Diver inside”, my first attempt, I wanted a 24hrs rotation and a diver style, watch out if your watch isn’t waterproof !

I hope that some of them will please you all !!
My next step is to create digital watches, I’ll give you some faces soon …