Watch Faces Not Appearing on Moto 360 (First Gen)

After the last update, Facer watch faces are not appearing on my Moto 360 (First Gen); I just see the Facer logo and “Powered Facer.” The watch is connected to my phone however, and all other non-Facer watch faces work properly. Here is my system information:

Moto 360
Android Wear
Android OS 6.0.1

Google Pixel XL
Android OS 8.1.0

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi there! Which version of Facer are you running? Is it the beta?

Hi! Yes I’m running the beta version.

Hi, just wanted to check in to see if you were able to reproduce the error. Thanks!

I have same problem with Moto 360 Gen. 2 and Samsung Note 8, it won’t upload my Facer watch face, only others.

Finally got Facer to put my custom face on my Moto 360 Gen2 from my Note 8:

  1. System reset watch
  2. Uninstall/reinstalled Facer app on phone,
  3. Login to Facer phone app to install Facer on watch.
  4. Press watch for Get more faces, scroll down to Play store icon and press it.
  5. Start Facer install on watch
  6. Check watch Settings, Apps for Facer (this took a while).
  7. Watch Apps showed Facer, which puts the Facer screen on the scrolling faces.
  8. Login to Facer phone app,
  9. Send your custom fact to the watch.
    Hope this works for you.