Watch faces not correct shown in app. AT ALL!

I’ve made 3 designs in the last 2 days and all 3 of them look great, but in the app they’re not shown as they are.

First of 2 of them are shown in “dim” mode (the preview that is) and the text is not correct aligned or backgrounds aren’t shown.

If i would see these faces like they’re shown in the app, i would never click on them. But once you click them you see the more accurately preview and they look good.

Is this a bug, or a way to make me pay so i can upload my own preview images?

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Is there any chance that when you published them, they were showing dim mode? I’ve had faces locked on 24 hour mode before and the preview shows them in 24 hour mode but when you look at the watch face after clicking they showed 12 hour mode. Possibly the same thing has happened to yours. I’ve also noticed that some of my black background faces show as having a white background in the preview. I have no explanation for that except a glitch.

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That is what i thought too, but no. I had them in normal mode when i saved them and when i published them.

Which watch are you using to sync the faces to?

I have found that Tizen (Samsung) watches are much more “resilient” to Facer bugs than Wear OS watches.

Also, Facer bugs & design errors that don’t always show in the Facer Creator or on Tizen watches, often show up in the Android app. When this happens, some Wear OS watches usually do not render the face as intended by the designer…

My guess is that if you are seeing issues in the Android App, then there is most likely an issue with the face (Facer bug and/or design error).
Look closely at your expressions, especially at conditional expressions.
I got to the point where I avoid nested conditional expressions completely if I can and keep all conditional expressions as simple as possible. Usually this means using more layers.

I have a Tizen powered Samsung galaxy Watch.

Today i published a new face, and this one had no problem at all. So i edited all my other faces and re-published them, and now they show up fine. No “dim” preview anymore.

Thank you for your time though.

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