Watch Faces not displayed correctly

For some reason all the watch faces are warped and distorted. I’ve been using the same watch faces for years and new purchases plus the old ones are now all messed up.

I changed nothing, all was fine untill this morning.



Same thing here. 46 mm Galaxy watch. Seems to happen after restarting the watch. If I switch to this Samsung face, and switch back, it’s normal again. I think it started happening after the most recent update from Samsung

I have the 46mm as well, but I’m deliberately not updating the software because of all the bugs and problems I’m hearing about (I’m still running on

stay tuned, Facer is aware and working on the fix.

I restarted my watch and that seemed to fix it. Weird.

Same, I restarted and somehow that fixed it.

Maybe Facer rolled out the fix.

Restarting can fix it. But it can happen again when you turn on watch again. YMMV

I never turn my Watch off, there’s no need to. When we all owned normal Watches we never turned them off, right :grin:

Our normal watches lasted for years on a single battery. Today’s smart watches need to be charged every 3 days.

When my family is in for the night I also turn off my phone.

Maybe but it’s a fix for now

ive got the same problem but restarting my watch isnt solving it. really annoying as essentially facer is now unusable on my Samsung watch

Try setting one of the stock faces and restart. After restart then try the facer face.

Hi all!

We’re aware of this issue which was introduced in the latest version of Facer for Samsung watches. A fix is already on the way and should be available in the coming days.

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i’ve done that multiple times…doesnt help unfortunately