Watch faces not extended to edge of screen Galaxy Watch Active

No matter what face I install it is not extended to the edge of my display? Common error on Galaxy Watch Active?


Can you post a picture? Note that the Galaxy Watch Active has a fairly wide black bezel - it’s not visible if the watch face has a black background, but becomes pretty obvious otherwise.

Really ??? a Bezel is the par of an watch that is moving and protecting the crystal…

On most of the Samsung smart watches the Rotating bezel is what make them so damm awesome to use…

Please stop making a fool of people and don’t lie straight out… a bezel will never have anything to do with the display or a face (if we talking real watches)

Just make your side working … but really, don’t try to make up things up to hide you having no idea what is wrong this time…

Please take note of the image above. I highlighted what Facer is referring to as the bezel. While you are correct that on actual watches and earlier samsung watches, the bezel is a interactive element that also protects the screen or glass. However in smart phones and the new Galaxy Watch Active, the bezel is the black border that is not a active part of the screen. There is nothing to make up. Hope this helps clear up your confusion @nolekxreplica.

Is that how it looks for you @bpbell1138?

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Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the watch face that is blue, red, white and black please? I have looked everywhere for it and have had no success… I have the galaxy active 2…

That is one of the older Galaxy watch faces from their Galaxy store. I made a version that looks a lot like it with heart rate and step count on it.


I am also experiencing the same on the Samsung active watch.

Is there a fix for this at all

There is nothing to fix. The screen is that size, there are no pixels in the black part.