Watch faces not installing on my Gear S3

When I install a Facer watchface it installs in my Watch Box but not in my Gear S3. If I want to use a watchface I have to load it from watch box.This makes it impossible to delete a watch face from my picker.

Hey @conedman, how are things?

Sorry, I’m not really following what the issue is … my fault as I’m not familiar with the terms Watch Box and Picker. If you can explain a little more about what you are doing I’ll see if I can give you some things to try.

In my case, I have an Android phone connected via Bluetooth to my Samsung watch. I have notifications turned on in the Facer App on my phone and I load a face by tapping on the blue “sync” button next to a face in the Facer App or on the website. Both result in the face being loaded to the Facer App running on the watch. Does any of that align with what you are doing in terms of Watch Boxes and Pickers ?

I’m not sure, but it sounds like you might be hitting the favorites option (07%20AM) instead of the sync option (14%20AM).

The heart will just add it to your Watchbox without syncing it as your current watchface. Also, afaik, if you want to remove the current watchface from your Picker, you’ll need to select a different face from Picker (or sync a new face), and then you can remove the face from your Recent list in Picker.

Hopefully that helps.

Hi Mike! Maybe I should be a little clearer on my situation. Even when i load one of your Faces, the most recent is the Premium Apollo face, i find it is loaded onto my Gear S3 and my Galaxy S8 and that’s fine up to that point. By-the way i think this one is one of your finest works, but if i go to another face on my Gear S3 and at a later time i want to go back to the Apollo i find it’s gone. It’s still on my phone but it’s not on my S3. I have to reload it again to get it on my S3. I have 8 other watch faces already loaded but even installing the Apollo initially doesn’t change the count. Any other ideas?

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Sorry John, I don’t know what could be causing that. ( I assume that you have all the latest software, operating system, Apps, etc. on your watch and phone (?) ).

All I can suggest is for you to raise a support request with the Facer team.

And thanks, I’m glad you like the face :slight_smile:

Hi Mike! Yes, i have all the latest files installed. The odd thing is i don’t have this problem with Galaxy watchfaces. They get installed on both my watch and phone and can be accessed at any time with either source so the problem I’m having is definitely with the Facer app. Do you think uninstalling Facer from my phone and S3 might and starting all over might help resolve my problem? It’s annoying to have to have my phone with me to access a watchface. I had the the same problem when i installed your Apollo 50th anniversary face. I really like that one but if i go to another watchface and try to load your Apollo face it’s gone from my watch.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

Many thanks,