Watch Faces not sync'ing on Gear S2

I did a search and found some posts and info regarding issues with watch faces not sync’ing with the S2. However, I really didn’t find anything recently or that had a solid resolution.

I have a S7 Active and Gear S2 paired with the appropriate Facer Apps on both devices. I have uninstalled/reinstalled both apps for both machines multiple times, rebooted both devices, and have all of the most current versions of OSs and Apps.

However, all that will happen is the “starter” watch face from Facer shows up on my watch and no mater what watch I select from the app on the S7 Active, the watch app shows the “sync’ing” message and animation along with the “optimizing gears” message an animations - but never shows the selected watch face from my phone.

Any thoughts as to how to fix this?