Watch faces, round and/or square?

What style does most everyone create here? Only 2 of my most recent designs have filler for the corners of the round design for square faces. Should I be doing this for all future faces to accommodate everyone? Just wondering what others do.

Here are my two that have filler

I used to obsess over this, paranoid that I’ll be disappointing or leaving someone out.

Now I try to be conscious about putting important elements at the bottom for people with watches that aren’t completely round (“flat tires”)

Most of the backgrounds I pick tend to work well in either layout so I wouldn’t worry too much. There’s a post here that has the breakdown of what watches are most popular and honestly the square watches weren’t that sizeable from what I remember.

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So @cth4242 is right, square watches aren’t as popular on facer however, being a square watch user myself I say always put something in the corners even if it’s just the background color or texture you used. It doesn’t take much to add that and most of the time doesn’t even take up an extra layer if it’s part of the background image. I just figure why disappoint anyone if you don’t have to. That’s just my take on it anyways however I still say, do what makes you happy!

I like to try to start with a square base, and then ensure it still works on a round face. For example:

Lately though, I’ve made quite a few round ones, and just make sure that the boarders are occupied (e.g. screws, a pattern):

Glad I’m not the only one who stresses over this stuff :smiley:

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