Watch Faces / Styles

What types of faces are more commonly liked/wanted? I just figured i’de ask this in the community. I know I will have my own ideas, but sometimes I would like to lean towards creating something that I know a majority of users would want. Any input is appreciated. Also, is DIM mode used alot? I don’t use it but if it does get used alot, I would also incorporate that into my designs (to make them look just as good but still do good on battery). Can’t wait to start putting out some designs for the community!

Welcome! My most popular designs have been a) The very realistic analogue ones b) The colourful/artistic digital ones and c) The ones with animations. I’d say this covers the most popular ones from most creators. It really depends on your skill set :slight_smile: I personally don’t use dim mode much, but I know that it is requested A LOT. Good luck :slight_smile:

thank you for the input. Also i’ve looked through your designs and great work :thumbsup:

@cnaudiffred I would say that @roycaruso summed it up pretty well. For My personal experience I can say that my most realistic faces do the best and if they have a gimic that’s a bit different from other people’s that can make a huge difference too. I don’t make many digital faces so I’m not really sure about their market however. If you want to know what kind of faces people are into you can always go to the top 50 on the app. There’s a list of the top 50 paid and free faces for the week and you can see what’s trending this week. I make sure to study that as often as possible so I can keep up south what people want. However my best advice is, especially in the beginning when you’re learning, is to make faces that make you happy. Find your style and then build from there. Be true to yourself and the people that enjoy your style will find you. The more you work at it the more your style, skills, and ideas will evolve anyways so I wouldn’t worry to much about what other people want right now. That being said I’m throwing you a follow and I’m excited to see what you come up with. If you ever have any questions or need help just ask, this community is amazing for helping each other out.

*PS. I forgot to mention that you should always include a dim mode. Lots of people want it and if it’s there then they can choose either or but if it’s not there then at least half the people will be disappointed but I’m guessing probably more.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Watches with Breitling and Omega logos do well too…Maybe don’t make those though :smiley:

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…here are some of disaster watch faces from my collections as “DO NOT” example :wink: