Watch faces via app on phone

Can access all watch faces via the web, but can’t install them onto my iWatch. Unable to access any faces via the iphone app, re-installed, etc etc.

Why is it I can’t access all the different watch faces via the app, the few I can see & one made up, I can sync to my iWatch… Tried the Browse Channels, can all see about 20 paid faces only, tried using different search terms for names of faces on the web site side, & the channel, but when I type in any search term, nothing comes back just blank. The app doesn’t do what it says it can, very disappointed…


I had this issue in the beginning. My problem was my phone was a older model and did not have the ram or space to temp load the faces. After I got my new phone galaxy s9 it works fine with no glitches

I also made sure the app on the watch was up to date also

Hope this helps


iwatch as in the Apple watch?

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@Orakix nice catch, that one went over my head or i should simply put my glasses on haha I totally missed the I next to watch

Got an iPhone 7 with tons of spare memory etc, but just got a Apple XR phone & a series 4 iWatch, will try to see if the same issue is still there after porting everything over, will come back with an update…

I am having the same issue. New iPhone XR & new watch series 4. On the app I see four or five categories with a few watch faces under each category & nothing else.

Apple doesn’t allow for the same type of customization as Samsung and Google do for their watches. Unfortunitly facer faces have to be designed specifically for the Apple watch but if I’m not mistaken, I’ve not done this myself, you can only make a picture slideshow type face.