[Watch Faces] Wheater & Moon: second face

This is my second try with the style “Weather & Moon”. Even on this face you can find weather infos with real-life images during the day, and moon phases with an overlay of near-real-life images of weather conditions during the night (in the embedded frame below appears only one phase, don’t know how to display the other…).

You can see also heart and steps infos, actual, minimum and maximum temperature, location, wind speed and direction, date, a compass, phone and watch battery level, analogic and digital clock in 12/24 hour format. The background this time is dark and the appearance is quite abstract; I had fun trying to display all of those infos in vertical layers/inlays (is this the right word? :-D) that I called “bands”, so that’s why it has this name.

Let me know what you think about it!


Looking good Sir, nice work, can’t see the hands too well though when they go over the right hand window

Yes, you’re right, I added transparency on weather layer but I notice that if I add more it will be too dark (this was the real reason that made me think about using also digital time! :smiley: :-D) ; I’ll study how to find a way to have both hands and layer look right… :wink:

I really like the style @kingDavid , but I do find it hard to read…

Thank you for the answer, @bradtc ! What is the info you think I should change? What is the less readable info? Or it’s the whole face that you find hard to read?

In these first tries I found it’s hard to find equilibrium between style and readability… so if I can do better I’m happy :wink:

I think maybe some of the text is a little small, but that is just me - 5 years ago I would have seen it fine. I’m sure others see it just fine. I like the colour of the hands sweeping accross the window, but as @icrltd4 mentioned I also find it hard to see for some reason. Maybe just let the hand sweep over top of the window, and don’t try to be fancy with transparencies.

I like this! I agree it’s a bit hard to read. But for me the solution is easy. I think the balance of space would be better anyway if you enlarge the weather stripe maybe even 30-50% wider, and the two bars on the left. then all the info can be larger too. Also, why not put the hands on top? It’s kind of a neat effect going under the weather display but does more to interfere with time reading than the hands would do to weather reading imo.

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Nice one. I would also put the hands in front of the weather, but if you want to keep the weather up front, you might find putting a copy of the hands behind and a copy in front, both at 50% opacity might have the result you’re looking for. It should have the effect of being rich in colour while fully uncovered, while still being readable when behind the weather. You might need to play with the opacity ratios of the hands in front and those behind, but the effect might be neat… and then again, it might be more trouble than its worth. :slight_smile:

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Wow, thank you all, your suggestions are really interesting and I will surely do some refinement, I like the idea of putting a copy of the hands upfront and playing with opacity, and also the idea of increasing the dimensions… I think I’ll do some tests :wink: thank you again!


Hi to all!
As you can see in the first post, I’ve updated the face trying to follow your suggestions. I’ve added more spaces on the bands/stripes so all the content has been increased in size; I’ve coloured the digital watch so it is more readable and more at the center of the attention; finally I’ve added a copy of the hands on the front of the face, playing a bit with the opacity, so that the effect of being under the weather layer still remains even if it should be more readable.

@kvansant , @bradtc and @icrltd4 what do you think about it?


That’s great work David Sir, it’s a great design all round…but the Hands are still almost invisible as they pass around the Weather…maybe turn their Opacity up a little? Just my opinion sorry

Great! Much easier to read! I did notice when the minute hand crosses the digital time zone, it is the same colour as the digital time zone background. Might want to differentiate that a bit…

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Thank you again to all, I’ll see if I can make it better. :wink:

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