Watch for my son so he can design watch faces

I was wondering if I could get some advice on a watch for my 10-year-old son? He already does some programming (light scripting). He sat down with me and watched me design a face and then asked if he could design one and did a really nice job designing one. He is very artistic and really enjoys designing the watch faces. I am looking for a good inexpensive smartwatch to buy him that works well with facer. I have a Samsung Active 2 but don’t want to lay out that much cash on a 10-year-old…lol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. A smaller faced watch would be best since he is only ten and don’t want him to have a bowling ball on his wrist but I want it to be of some decent quality. I’ve looked at the ticwatch and amazfit as possibilities so far. I know the cheaper watches have some draw backs but what is the best bang for the buck in the budget category? All opinions welcome!

Hello, very good that you can start this activity with your child. I recommend that you stay away from very cheap smart watches like amafit, it is not that they are bad, it is just that they bring their own operating system that looks like android wear but it is not, that’s why they are not compatible with facer.
A good watch of small size, resistant and that works well, is the motorola 360 sport, you can also see the sports of tic wach or other brands, but with companies like tic watch and samsumg you pay a lot to mark for what you get, again not You misunderstand me, they work very well but you get the same results with a lower price in other brands such as LG to name one.
Of course, do not forget to find out the operating system that it brings, the best thing you can do is see in the creator the models that it shows you, those are the ones compatible with facer