Watch Hand Centering

Hello please look at attached video, see what the issue is. How do I make my hands work in the center to rotate the right way.


Images rotate about their centres. So, to make a hand rotate about its pivot point, make sure the pivot point is in the centre of the image. What I do is start with a blank image ( say 80px wide by 640px high ) and paste in the image of the hand so that its pivot point is in the middle of the blank image. In the case of the example dimensions, this would be at 40, 320.

In your video, it looks like the image is unbalanced, with the centre of the image part way up the hand and not the pivot point.

I hope that helps.


@mraamohamed @mikeoday
What I did was set up a “blank” that I could use a layer over in and have the true center of the image marked so I can always get the pivot point correct with any hand I’m working with. Here’s the picture that I use to center everything with.

(Click on image and download from preview window)

The forum isn’t displaying it very well but if you click on the picture you can see it better.
I also have it marked for where to stop the hand. I have discovered that my hands end up being a little too long so I always stop short of the length mark. Hope it helps.

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Great template, thanks for sharing.

One possible trap is that if someone just saves the image as it is displayed by the forum then it will be cropped at the bottom ( 160 x 500 px ) and will of course produce distorted hands.

To download it correctly they have to open it in the preview window and save it from there at full size ( 160 x 640 px ).

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Good point, I’ll edit my post so that it says that. Thanks for pointing that out!

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