Watch hand design

How to design our own watch hand?

Does this help? How to get more watch hands?

I need to learn how to design my own watch hand not to download…

Ok, that might be quite a big question…

Do you mean, what are the specific requirements for hands in FACER or do you want to know how to use a graphics program to draw hands?

I just want to know if there is software that can do it other than your program.

If you mean, is there a “watch hand design application”, then not as far as I know.

You will need to use a general drawing application. I use an ancient version of Photoshop. I imagine you could use Microsoft Paint or various free 2d drawing packages that you can download. Just so long as the application can save images with a transparent background in PNG format. You could even use Powerpoint if you have it.

Ok, many thanks

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Download a free or paid program and just set a template in the right resolution, draw a hand and use Facer to try your design, copy your creation over a default hand to get the position right and start to kick ass…

I did use high resolution pictures of my own real watches to make my hands… but there are many free to download…

search for hands .png or just make one from scratch… the best result will be something you make yourself |!!!

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What I do is draw my hands as vector art. I use Corel Draw but Adobe Illustrator or other vector art program will do. Then render (export) the hands as a PNG file with transparency.

I export at double the target resolution so that if a higher resolution watch becomes available, my hands will will not look jaggy or fuzzy in the future.

The Mont Blanc dial is stated to be 390 x 390. So I make my minute hand a total of 780 tall. Note that the overall image height includes unused space below the center point. The width can be 780 also but that is not necessary. The proper height (including that unused space below center) along with X=160 and Y=160 will center your hand for rotation.

In facer, use “Add Element”, select Minute Hand (for example) and then click the large plus (+) icon to the left of the available hands shown. Then upload your PNG file, set the properties as needed using the Advance panel (accessed via Rocket Ship icon).