Watch hands, on anaolog watches, "jump"

I have created a new watchface, “Call of the Wild”. I’m satisfied with the look of the face, but the hand movements are troubling me. Everything works fine, when I turn the watch on. My Samsung Frontier 3 then goes into sleep mode, and this is where the trouble begins. When I wake my watch up, to check the time, the hands immediately “jump” to the current time. It’s like the hands don’t keep up with the time, while in sleep mode. Is there a fix for this?

From what I understand is if you do not have Always On Display turned on, it will jump to catch up to the current time. The only way around it is to have Always On Display turned on. At least this is from what I understand. Hopefully that helps.


Thanks for your help.

Hi there!

What @Orion is saying is correct, but we are working on improving this for users who do not want to use Samsung’s AOD mode. Hoping to have some improvements ready before the end of the month.



That’s great! Thanks for your reply!


How are you going with a solution to this?

Someone who downloaded one of my watch faces asked about this “strange behaviour”. They pointed out, and demonstrated, that watch faces not built with Facer do not have this “problem”.


The problem is still there.
That’s too bad. There are very nice analogue watchfaces on Facer. For all watchfaces, however, the clock pointers jump when the display is switched on. is a solution in sight?

It is now March 2020 and the issue is still here. I really like Facer as a platform to make watch faces but it doesn’t seem like Facer really cares what we have to say. All you get is we will take a look at it and some other mumbo jumbo and nothing gets done.

There are 3 things really bug me:

  1. Weather is so inaccurate I don’t even put it on my watch face anymore
  2. Time jumps to current time when you check your watch (Galaxy Watch Designer and Mr. Time do not have this problem so I know it can be fixed if they really wanted to.
  3. I paid for premium and anything I build with the premium components are only for those with a premium subscription! So I pay to be able to make watch faces Facer charges a subscription price for people to sync said premium watch I just paid to make? I ended up canceling after about 24 hours when I published my first watch. Almost got me…lol. I pay to make premium watches for people who pay Facer and I get…wait for it…NOTHING but a bill to help facer make more money with my watch faces! If you think about it for a second it really may piss you off.
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