Watch hands on pictures

Is it possible to make hands on a still image move?

You mean to rotate an image - yes.
Open it’s advanced settings and change it’s “Rotations” option.

No, I mean is it possible to make certain things move in a still image not the entire imge.

2 theoretical ways to do it (i will explain why theoretical in a sec):

  1. Create a gif animation - it will not work - Facer can load in a gif as an image, but it will only show the first frame as a still image.

  2. Add that element that you want to move as separated elements (eg. images) and move them independently.
    If you will give me an exact path you want those elements to follow I can help you with it.

Bet sounds good I could use some help with the GIF too lol. I am trying to make all the mechanisms move.

I won’t be able to help you with a gif for 2 reasons:
-I don’t have a good way of animating them.
-As I said before it will not work in Facer.

Nodoubt thanks for the info.

Do you know how to switch the battery percent numbers to the battery icon?

There is no native battery slider icon in Facer.
You could use “Width-Based Battery Indicator Bar”, from Facer Creator Documentation.

Thanks alot bro I will keep in contact.