Watch Orakix Designer Interviews Ep1- Nathan Trafford

First off, I’m sorry from being absent in the community for so long. The reason being is that I’ve been working on a very large project to bring video tutorials, designer interviews, live Q&A’s, and live shows where you can watch as I design faces in real time.

I’m very happy to announce that the first episode featuring Nathan Trafford from Trafford Watches is now available!

Check out the video here!

Go check out his Facer here!

Also make sure to stop by on my next live design stream Sunday August 9th @ 7pm PST here!

(The image for the twitch link doesn’t seem to be working but the link should still take you to where you need to go)

Lastly, I know that you all know how YouTube and social media work but just as a reminder, this is a new channel. Please remember to like, subscribe, comment, and share to one, show some love to Nathan Trafford and two, help grow this channel so that when the tutorials come out soon they will help more people.

Thank you and I appriciate all of you in the community and I’m very excited to get back to work and bring you all more content.

Take care everyone!