Watch With 2 hour hands

Hi to all
I would realize a watch with 2 hour hands. 1st marking normal time, the 2nd marking an hour at my choice that i can change on the fly. To do this i presume i would need 2 touching points on tha watch dial that allow me to move back and forth 2nd hand of 1 hour.
As to say : 1 tap at 3 and i go 1 hour + 1 tap at 9 and i go 1 hour back
Is it possible realize such a thing?
If yes, some is so charitable to teach me how realize the 2 touching points?
More, which expressions must i use for the 2 touching points?
Any help is precious and welcomed

To achieve this you gotta add 2 elements wherever you want, VAR Increment and VAR decrement from the Interactions section I believe it is. Then, click on the hour needle and replace it’s rotation formula from #DWFKS# to (#DWFKS#+(#VAR_1#*30)). This will make it so the hour needle will move exactly one hour forward or backwards depending which of the 2 VAR elements from above you tap on :v:
Note the VAR number from the increment/decrement elements must match the VAR number in the formula, that is to say, if you set your elements to mess with VAR 3 instead (because you may already be using 1 and 2), you must also change the hour needle formula to #VAR_3#.

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GREAT Allen !! Another winning formula. Now i have exactly what i wanted.
My best compliments and thanks :smile::smile:
A great day to you

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Do you need the pro version to use VARs?

Yes, if you look at your tools in the creator VARs will be marked with the PRO nameplate. Other tools like the chronograph and widgets are also for Creator Pros.

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That’s exactly a GMT watch. Look in the web, the second time, or travel time, is often marked on a 24hs bezel. So you have to change the formula just a little to have 24hs rotation and 15 degrees each tap…

I’m interested in the formula for 24 h, but it’s too hard for me to deal with degrees etc.
May be you can give to me a ready formula for 24h GMT hand rotation?
Thx for help

(#DWFHS#+(#VAR_1#*15)) if you want smooth rotation or
(#DWFH#+(#VAR_1#*15)) if you want classic step rotation. Try one of those and see…

Hallo carlosfilippa
You have been very helpful. I tried your formulas and they work great :smiley:
Thx again, have a nice day

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