Watch5 Pro glass

I always put glass on any of the mobile devices I get and am doing the same now for my Smartwatches. I got the 4 Classic 46mm a couple weeks ago and tried the spigen this time. Works fine and it has the plastic guide that aligns it for you. When I got the 5 Pro they had one specifically for the 5 Pro but then I thought I’d try the 4 Classic 46mm because they come with 2. I think it fits fine, at least as good on my 4 Classic. There is a $2 difference and I’m not sure if the kit is any different. At first I was wondering if it already had one because the glass face protrudes above the concave bevel.

I’m going to guess any 46mm will work on the 5 Pro so if there’s a better deal on those than the 5 Pro I’d say it would work. Just my 2 cents and thought I’d share that. Now looking for a good watch case is tougher but for now I’m just going to get the spigen Rugged Armor Pro which is the full band. If anyone finds any other good accessories for the pro I’d appreciate any heads up. Thanks.