Watch5 Pro shipped

Looks like Samsung is shipping the Watch5 Pro early. I just received a notification from FedEx saying my package will arrive on the 23rd. That’s cool, I didn’t think they were going to release it early. Now I just have to play around with it and decide if I want to trade my Watch 4 Classic 46mm. Hopefully they’re shipping all of them today.

Lucky you! Let us know how you like it.

Yes, please share your experience.
Will the Facer work on it?

How long will battery last between charges? They say 80 hours but I don’t believe it.
I have to charge my watch4 classic every day.

Same for me, it’s a nightly charge. I’m just glad it even goes that long but yes it would have been great if it went close to 80 hours. I don’t expect when my watch 5 gets here today is going to last 2 days. I’m anticipating a nightly charge as well except it may have an hour or two left.