[WatchFace] 313 - Iron Time (Animated) by Paulo Almeida

Ironman shooting time.
This watch is another MASTER piece… a MUST HAVE, used a 10k slow-motion camera in order to be able to get these frames just for you guys, with a super heavy and steady tripod from bla bla… and a ultra megatronic VTHHDD 40k camera bla… bla bla…
If you like it, download it… if not, you know, … bla bla and bla.

(by the way, almost got shot TWICE by Ironman…, if you dont believe, ask Batman, he was there)

You have 48 hours to download this face for free lifetime… otherwise, will go premium

Shall I go for spider man now???

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@313 - I don’t “see” the deaper meaning with this design! Should it be easy to read the Time? No! Only in Dim mode, it’s possible.
What else do it brings, other than the Time?

The time

What else can you expect from a WATCH???

Frozen beer?


Unfortunately I don’t have a way how to sync the face on my watch due to communication issues.
I would appreciate a comment on the speed that the time shows on the display.

If it is to fast or too slow just let me know.

I only expect to see the Time. And that’s the idea with a Watch!

Well you know, all Tech men carry batteries. He’ll share power if you say please. :wink:

You got your my first syncs from me, Paulo! Tony’s telling me the time and my Saturday’s made. :grin: