[watchface] A.D. FP PRO

It is a review of one of my “free” faces with a lot of new features!


Excellent design with loads of info. Your work is amazing.

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Very nice!! Thumbs up!

Just bought the watchface, but, except the colours and weather, there is no inter-activity.
I bought it for the heartbeat/age, but unfortunately there is nothing to change (age).
What am I doïng wrong on the Galaxy S3?

You have to tap the bpm on the right and the scale of hearthbeat will change for under50 and over50 for the maximum secure value
Dame thing over kcal and over steps count

Let me know

Thanks for the quick reply! All works now, I was tapping at the weong places and did not see at first the <50 or the >50.
Thanks for this one!

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