[Watchface] A Well-Turned-Out Design (In My Opinion)

I haven’t been on the community for a while because of how busy I’ve been lately. But I just released this design and wanted to post it on here for notions and thoughts on it. I’m hoping it will be just as popular as Circles 2.1, one of my watch faces which is currently in #12 in the Top 100 category. Let me know what you think:


Looks good @ryanpaul28 , kinda like Apple and Samsung had a baby? :grin:


Reminds me a lot of the Fitbit watch faces. Fitbit was my first Smart Watch.

That’s an interesting analogy, CC-Designs, I would have never looked at it that way. I always thought it looked a bit like the Apple Watch designs. I also had a Fitbit for my first smart watch, but it was an Alta HR, so I could not change the watch face.