[WatchFace] A101 - Flightschool

Newest release coming soon. This one is a classic analog approach to the Aviator style. It’s got a rusted and worn look. Dim side includes a themeable glow for the numbers and hands.


My favorite style watch, straight to the point! Great work again!

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Great watchface! Good readability!

Maybe you should add some rust, scratches and dirt to the bezels and the Hands too. They are too clinical white compared to the background.

(Reminder for me:Have to create a grunge style Zombie or Mad Max watch face in future) :slight_smile:

I did tone it down slightly (maybe not enough) from a true white. I used the stock Facer hands on this one, but I could go back and rough up the ticks and numbers some. I was able to get a little brown and orange into the center point of the hands and on the date bezel (I used two center points here to create the effect.

Totally want to do some zombie faces. That would be a great idea. Maybe a PhantasiTr0n collaboration.

Yes! Sounds nice! But first i have to get into that #var#_thing, when i get my premium account.

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