[Watchface] Adrenaline


What’s your thought’s peeps. I can’t test it personally due to the Tizen SW bug so would very much appreciate feedback.

Thanks all :wink:


Very nice!

Just a minor point - possibly because I am not the fittest person in the world, but my pulse rate has been known to go over 170 on occasion. Some people who like to take risks will even go over 200!

Thanks Mike,

So i did trial that based on your original code but what I found was that it meant any needle movement when relatively stable or resting were less apparent in the dial so to counter that I reduced the range and added the actual HR in the digital display too. One thing im not sure about is what happens to the needle (What will it do) when below 40 or above 170. I’e, I’m hoping if the HR was more than 170 the needle would max out at 170? Or will it just go neutral (110 in this case). If the latter how do I fix that :slight_smile: Sounds like I may need to add a rule if HR is less than 50 then equals 50 kinda code. same for greater than 170?

Also added some other finer tweaks, removed some rough edges, added shadows in the display and added colour changing needle.

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ok, So thinking about this further and assuming as is a state of less than 50 or greater than 170 will cause a neutral display (Needle straight up), I can tweak my transparency settings to make the needles disappear completely when above conditions apply?

Then with your codey help add another Orange needle for when less than 50 display 50 and another red needle for when greater than 170 display 170. If that makes sense?

I’ve got viewing enabled if it helps. I really appreciate this with me not being able to sync it myself and test.

Always learning :slight_smile:

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Ok so if my understanding of a quote from szandor is correct. I think I’m all good it will bottom out at the clamped limit when lower than 50 and max out at the clamped max when above 170?

“n order to make this work in a more general way we could use the clamp() function to limit the values. clamp() lets you define an input value, a lowest value and a highest value. If the input value is lower than the defined lowest, it will be stick to that defined lowest. The same in the other direction for the defined highest.”

Have I understood that right. If so. I think i’m All done. Can’t wait to get this one sync’d up lol

ps - I just found your code for the beating heart too :thumbsup:

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Sorry I missed your posts - I turned in early :sleeping:

Yes, you are right about the clamp function; it should prevent the dial hand from rotating beyond the limits.

I hope you get to sync it soon.


Cheers fella

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