[ Watchface ] Adrift in the Ocean - animated

Here’s what I was playing around with today.

I was experimenting with hollow layers and having a light underneath indicating what day it was… in the end I figured it out but it was a lot easier to just toggle the days transparency.

Another abandoned idea was having a paper boat floating but I’ve had designs look good in the editor and look completely different on the watch so I didn’t risk it.


Very good Idea, but the water mirror animation is not playing „round“.

Maybe one frame to much? First and last frame do not match in repeat.

Ahh, I think I know what happened… I’m stacking my layers differently (before I was bottom to top, now vice versa)

But yeah, one frame too much :smiley:



Btw: here is i nice free mini tool for water effects:


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Wow, I really like your concept here. There’s going to be so many great faces submitted, I’m glad I’m not a judge.

Lol. Me too. This will be a hard competition and hard decisions.

But to be true… i participate just for fun and may be some honour. :slight_smile:

Cool effect! Nice one!