[WatchFace] Adventure Hv100 Mint Green

Here’s the next face to be released from Orakix, the Adventure Hv100 Mint Green. It’s an Analog/Digital Hybrid that comes equipped with phone and watch battery bars with the tick marks acting as a percentage meter. A battery friendly dim screen with digital time to keep things nice and clean. It also comes with the days weather information so you can always tell what you will need for your adventure because lets be honest, everyday is a good day for an adventure.

*The thing i struggle with most I think are hands. Do you guys feel that these hands are to busy or do you like the “windows” in them? Would the windows be better without the color or do you feel like they should be removed all together? Just wondering what other people feel about analog hands. Thanks in advance for any comments.


Nice face, I like it … Good job

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Interesting colour combination and a fresh layout! I like!

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unconventional idea, it may take fancy :thumbsup:
analog hands could be a little darker

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I like it, elegant and sporty at the same time, beautiful

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@adyhr @GAUSS @rarest @oregon900
Thank you all, I’m glad to hear you guys like it. I appreciate your feedback. As for the hands I did end up making them a touch darker and I do feel like that helped. It was one thing I was considering but I didn’t want to lose the contrast which makes the hands look 3d. I feel like I was able to find a good balance though. Hopefully you guys agree. There will be some other color variations to be released soon as well.

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Here is the next couple color options for the
Adventure Hv100


Pink is absolutly not mine, lol. One for the ladies…

Red is nice!

You should create a black/white or dark grey /white as well.

Yes I plan on making more color options and one with thoes monochromatic blacks and greys as well.