[Watchface] AG Informator

When dimmed it is analog, but when active it is digital with lots of information.

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Nice! You only should make the Logo in Dim-Mode smaller and better choose another name due to copyright.

Make it your own brand! :slight_smile:

Is Informator a copy righted name?

Brand/logo in use, see: INFOrmator | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes

No,lol… Informator is fine…

But „Montblanc“ is… but i saw you already removed it.


BTW: looks far better now!


Now you used „casio“!!!

That‘s not better - even worse.

Probably I understand it now. In the dimmed mode I use the watch maker and model tags and it looks like when a watch is shared the widget shows those randomly (at the moment it is showing Casio and before it was showing something else).

Thats it, At the Moment it shows „tag heuer connected“…


I have taken phantasico’s feedback (thanks!) onboard and updated the design - removed the watch maker tags and added some more elements in the active mode.

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Nice and clear now!

The eagles has landed!