[Watchface] AG KT318 S7 - Elegant, Luxury & Gold


Very nice bold design. Well done!

Thank you!

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A bold design indeed. I am confused what the bottom complication shows. . . It seems to move to 3 O’Clock then back to 12 and repeats that every 12 hours, what is it used for?

Hi William, thank you for your good feedback! The bottom indicator shows step count. Most of my watches have it the same way, but I will update the description of the watch.

Date does not work on Ticwatch Pro

I am looking into it. My initial thinking was that the date label was too narrow and the font is somehow rendered differently on different watches, but it may not be the case, it works on Gear S3. Anyway, I made the label wider. Can you please re-sync and let me know if the latest version works?

Deleted from my watch and downloaded via Facer app again - date is still missing

Is your date label just the tag with no other symbols?

ie. #DdL#

The reason I ask is that I have had issues with some watches if I use brackets where they are not needed.

So, for example, (#DdL#) sometimes will fail, as will putting brackets around a conditional expression.

No, there are no other symbols, just the tag, #DdL#
I have updated the watch with #Dd#

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