[Watchface] AG X5-542 Gold


Nice watchface, looks good

Thank you, ThaMattie

Nice look - but your gold looks more than copper. :wink:


Any tips where good watchmakers can get a bit of gold that looks like gold?

Hmmm… not really. The shine effects on the bezel already look good, there is only to much red in it. Gold is a mixture of 3 colors in different brightness states. In mid brightness is i a sort of desaturated orange, in high values it‘s tending more to yellow and in lower brightness it‘s more orange/redish.

Maybe this ones could help as example:

I think yellow gold is the hardest natural color to get right. Rose gold is much easier. The tendency is to oversaturate it and to make it too yellow, but as Gauss said it’s really a blend of more than one hue. Therefore I often will overlay a few different identical layers with different hues and play around with the blend. Whatever my result is, I’ll usually also desaturate it just a little. A trick I learned in audio production with reverb is similar. Reverb is very easy to overdo, much like color saturation, so when I’m adding reverb to a track I see it to what sounds right to me, then I back it off about 10% from there.

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nice watch face

Thank you, nuno!