[Watchface] All Meshed Up

Haven’t gone live with this face yet, thought I would see if any of you brilliant people have any suggestions for improvements. I implemented accelerometer features to all of the face except the mesh so it looks like it slightly moves under the mesh when you move your wrist.


Maybe drop the transparency of the mesh a tad so it’s still visible but the text shows through?

Alternately, add a glowing version on top of/behind the text to increase readability.
(IE: (sin(#DWE#wakeRand(3,10)-wakeRand(0, (wakeRand(3,10)(pi*2))))*50+50) )

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Thank you @cth4242! I dropped the transparency of the mesh a bit. Good advice, it does make it a bit more readable.

Since it not live I couldn’t test it in the phone preview so I sync it. In my watch, I don´t know why, It happened to my watch too, maybe slow processor, but not the elements moves equally fast so the design sufers, the elements kept displaced, etc. That´s why I opted for move just 2 elements and with different factor in the script in my watch. All this said just intended to keep learning the use of accelerometer, right?
Very original aprouch in your design, as usual. Congrats!

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Hmm that’s odd that they didn’t move together. In my watch it seems to. Could be the watch and too many elements moving. Yes it was mainly for learning and getting more of a hang of using accelerometer features.
Thank you!