[Watchface] Analogue r04- Dark Blue - Update

My first attempt at ‘hands’, from scratch and using precision graphics.

They did not turn out exactly as I wanted, but I think I now understand the technique …

Then some fun with text, dim mode, and other elements.


  • Went back and rebuilt the hands, although they are still not an exact match …
  • Changed the rim to simpler design, and re-rendered numbers (as used)

(see below)


Looks good @andrew.dowden :+1:

I like it. Its got a good clean look to it. Simple yet elegant.

Here is a followup design study, that diverges further from the ‘copyrighted’ original.

Bigger numbers, simplified layout, and other changes … but retaining the same feel.

(removed - work in progress)

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Full refresh:

  • New raised elements

  • New second hand

  • Fully analogue date (disc)

  • Cleaner shadow, texture effects

Rolex DateJust 41, 4 colours …

Blue (dark blue)


Dark (Dark rhodium)

Gold (yellow gold)



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And in mixed metals …

White (with Gold)

Silver (with Gold)

Black (with Gold)